New non-bank loan with payment immediately on account

If you currently want to borrow money, especially a smaller amount, you can easily come across. In connection with the change in legislation as of 1 December 2016, obtaining a loan is much more complicated and lengthy than before.

Providers and so-called micro-loans (ie those up to 5000 USD) must newly examine each applicant very thoroughly. Thus, the acceptability of applications is gradually decreasing. However, Good Credit promises to be one of the highest on the market. What is reality?

Good Credit is a fast non-bank loan

Good Credit is a fast non-bank loan

What must a loan applicant meet?

  • Age min. 18 years
  • Two IDs
  • Confirmation of income
  • Own bank account

A small loan that won’t “eat you” on interest

Good Credit is a new non-bank microloan, acting as a so-called aggregator of available offers and inquiries. Although it may sound complicated, it is very simple. The loan applicant fills in 100% non-binding online inquiry, it goes online and takes about 5 minutes (the whole process has only 4 short steps), then he is automatically offered the most advantageous loan from a contracting company, which in addition to pre-approve the entire application.

Subsequent processing is then even faster. Only well-known and well-proven companies (no individuals and no fraud!) Are involved throughout the system, which you probably know from television.

The most approved payday loan on the market

The most approved payday loan on the market

The advantage of the described functioning of the whole system is the highest approvability of applications, the only demand (quite discreetly!) Will reach all companies at once, which of course saves time, especially but this will increase the chances of approval because providers “compete” among themselves. Good Credit is undoubtedly one of the most approved non-bank loans in the Czech Republic. Every month, it helps to mediate thousands of loan applications.

Is First Loan Totally Free?

Good Credit also includes companies that offer their first loan for free (you pay the same amount as you borrow without paying any fees or interest).

If the system recommends one of these companies, you can also get your first loan completely free of charge, just pay back the amount on time. Many other providers also offer interesting promotions from time to time and they will inform you directly about them.